Vasculitis Plaster For Treatment Varicosity And Vasculitis

Vasculitis Plaster For Treatment Varicosity And Vasculitis
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● Basic information:

Name: Vasculitis plaster

Vasculitis plaster is made of more than 10 kinds of herbal medicine. It combines the advanced penetration agent“AZONE”with herbal medicine. We crush the drug molecules into nano molecules which can penetrate easily into the blood vessels and act continuously for 24 hours. It is considered the vasculitis drug with a prominent efficacy. As it can be directly onto the area needing treatment, giving long,continuous and effective results.

● The prominent efficacy:

The differences between traditional treatment is as follows:

1.38Fule vasculitis plaster can rehabilitate varicosity.

As we know that varicosity can not be cured when the venous valve fuction is not rehabilitated. traditional treatments can only improve blood circulation and clear clots,The plaser contains safflower quinine,which can improve the activity of vascular endothelial cells, accelerate rebirth and rehabilitation, improve venous valve inadequacy, interdict venous blood back flow and rehabilitate varicosity.

2.Combined treatment for blood, vessel and valve. It’s proven that a normal metabolic system can not form when a treatment can not cure disease in the blood, vessel and valve simultaneously. 38fule vasculitis plaster can cure varicosity and vasculitis from all directions which can systematically treat and prevent  reoccurrences.

● Clinical Statistic:

The drug molecule penetrates skin after 3 minutes which can eliminate swelling, aching and itching.the plaster can be effective over 48 hours continuously and absorbency is 100%. it can rehabilitate the venous valve function, melt clots and shrink swelling vessels and heal ulceration. varicosity and vasculitis can be cured thoroughly using plaster according to instructions.

After 3 days: The symptoms such as pain, soreness, swelling and itching are alleviated.

After one week: Raised vessels can become normal and ulceration can be healed.

After one treatment period: There is new muscle instead of ulceration. The color of the skin will become normal.

After two treatment periods: the ’earthworm’ and ‘root’ patterned shaped skin returns normal.

● Usage and dosage:

External application only, change plaster once every 48 hours. 3 boxes of the plasters should be used in one treatment period. Moderate patients should finish 3 treatment period and severe patients should use extra 2 or 3 treatment period.

● Suitable for:

People with varicosity and vasculitis.

● Shipment:

1.Small quantity will send by EMS,UPS,Fedex,DHL.etc.

2.Big cargo will send by air or sea,both available.

3.Delivery time according to quantity.

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