Panty Liner Combined Packing

Panty Liner Combined Packing
Product Details

Shaanxi 38Fule Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the best chinese health care product supplier.most of ingredients be natural and healthy.we had professional factory and passed GMP certificate.meanwhile,to guarantee product quality.we have 5000 mu planting base for herb raw materials. we can offer safe, competitive and high purify panty liner for women daily care in menstruation.Welcome to purchase our products.

● Basic information:

Name: Panty liner combined packing

Main ingredients: Non woven fabric,expanded paper,polymer lock water resin,PE film,functional fiber chip.

38Fule spend many years to research chinese female reproductive health diligently, which focus on female menstrual protection, by means of scientific selection, we developed" 38fule panty liner combined packing"with high-tech bamboo charcoal fiber chip , specifically designed for women's reproductive health characteristics, It is more multiple nursing and effectively protect, makes women keep health and show their most beautiful side.

● Product specifications:

5 bags(daily use) +2 bags(night use)+2 bags  (one vaginal testing card for free)

 Product features: 

1.Scientific selection and reasonable collocation. 

Scientific selection ,according to most women’s characteristics of menstrual cycle, to protect female entire contains daily and night sanitary napkins and panty liner, removing your worried .

2."Core" technology, physical adjustment 

The three types of products contains high-tech bamboo charcoal fiber chip and nano ion, it can promote metabolism and positive effect on women’s health through physical regulate function.

 Product advantages: 

1.Soft cotton surface ,make you skin comfortable. 

2.Strong and efficient water lock. high polymer water absorbing resin with instant water absorption .bring 

you lasting clean.

3.Using breathable bottom membrane ,farewell to stuffiness.

4.Containing refreshing factor ,make you fresh.unique cool factor, let you feel relaxed and comfortable.

● Product application:

Menstrual women and gynecological patients of common people. 

● Shipment:

1.Small quantity will send by EMS,UPS,Fedex,DHL.etc.

2.Big cargo will send by air or sea,both available.

3.Delivery time according to quantity.

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● Certificate:


● Why choose us?   

1.We own 5000 mu  planting base for materials.

2.We have own factory and lab.

3.We have over 25 years experience.  


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