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38Fule was founded in 1992 in Xianyang, Shaanxi Province of China. We focus on women's beauty and reproductive health. Adhering the spirit ideal of company is to "Make healthy woman more beautiful, Make beautiful woman more healthy". During 23 years development. Leaded by chairman Yuan Xiaofeng, we have gradually developed from a small company to a big group. Product type involved dozens of species. It used reasonable prescription by Chinese traditional medicine and the advanced foreign technology , to ensure product safety and efficiency. Passed over two decade years, we undergo different phases. we have made a long-term and stable partnership with international and domestic customers. We will continuously keep highly focus on women health field.

Chairman Yuan xiaofeng with Premier Li Keqiang of China

38fule  founded in Xianyang of Shaanxi in 1992

Cooperation with America Company in 2013

Our Team in Hong kong in 2014