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Xin Xin Capsule

Jun 13, 2016

Xinxin capsule , a herb medicine made by Shaanxi HuataI Pharmaceutical Co.,ltd of 38Fule Group  according to GMP standard.served for insomnia group.

According to local sleep disorder status and WHO sleep health standard, 38Fule scientists has researched number of years, finally successfully to develop to regulate internal organs of body balance, significantly to  improve sleep quality . This product with tuckahoe, Spinosae, Ciwujia, Schisandra chinensis as main raw materials, refined by modern technology. To raise sleep effect.

All matetials are green chinese herbs. without any side effects on human body.

Product details is as below:

Specification:0.4g/pill x 60/bottleX2/box

Main ingredients: Suanzaoren, Poria, Ciwujia, Schisandra chinensis, acanthopanax


Stubborn insomnia, neurasthenia, dream wake up, malaise, weakness of limbs, trouble falling asleep, wake up early, memory loss, dizziness, headache, sweating, upset, heart palpitations shortness of breath and other 12 kinds of insomnia crowd has obvious effect.