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VietNam Huy Hong company Celebrated Women’s Day

Oct 21, 2014

   20th October,is the Women's Day in Vietnam , while the whole national women were celebrating the festival, on October 19, Huy Hong company held a special party in Ho Chi Minh city, which celebrated the festival with more than 130 local women friends and popularized the female reproductive health knowledge to each friend for free, let them understand the importance of the reproductive health for themselves.

    During the party, Huy Hong company not only let the women feel the long- lost childhood  pleasure, release the pressure of body and mind, also gave a free lecture about female reproductive health to the women. Let them understand the importance of the reproductive health for themselves. This activity was highly praised by participants. The leader of Ho Chi Minh city’s women's institute gave full affirmation to this activity which held by Huy Hong company, and presented that she would continue to pay attention to  Huy Hong company, hoped that Huy Hong company could make a greater contribution the women's health in Ho Chi Minh city.

   Huy Hong company will strengthen the promotion under the support by the women's institute in Ho Chi Minh city. Let the women from Ho Chi Minh city and even the whole Viet Nam learn about the importance of women’s reproductive health,and learn to self protect,be able to stay away from the gynecological diseases.Realize the company’s hope that make the beauty healthier,and make the healthy women more beautiful!