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To The Future, Heart Bloom! The 4th Sanbafule Corporate Culture Festival And China Family Health Promotion Action Promotion Shine In Jinan

Dec 09, 2020

To the future, heart bloom! On December 9th, the 4th Sanbafule Corporate Culture Festival and China reproductive Health Service Project - Butterfly Plan & Family Health Promotion Action Promotion conference was held in Jinan Shangri-La Hotel.

Several distinguished guests and thousands of volunteers from all over the country, witnessed the 4th Sanbafule Corporate culture festival and the Chinese family health promotion action - grand launch of family health lecture hall.


Yuan Xiaofeng, chairman of Sanba Fule Group, made a speech, starting from his own three stories, and shared with everyone the original intention of establishing Sanba Fule, the value of establishing this enterprise, and the reason why he insisted on sanba Fule as a career. He said, "Next year we will complete the following tasks. First, we will complete the construction of a reproductive health industry innovation base in Shaanxi province with an investment of more than 3 billion yuan in Yangling. At that time, the base will focus on the r&d of the best reproductive health technology and high-quality products in China. The second is the sheraton hotel with an investment of more than 6 billion yuan, which will be opened in May next year. The third is to list in the United States, but also to meet the deadline."


A healthy woman, a happy family, a prosperous nation! This is the original intention of Sanba Fule unchanged, is also the principle of Sanba Fule action. In 1994, Sanba Fule began to fund the "Women's Reproductive Health Knowledge Lecture". In 2018, it was upgraded to "China reproductive Health Service Project -- Butterfly Plan"; In 2019, version 2.0 of Butterfly Plan -- "China's Reproductive Health Service Project -- Butterfly Plan and Reproductive Health Consultation Skills Training Project" was launched. 

Butterfly Plan 3.0 - "Family Health Promotion Action in China - Family Health Lecture Hall" project was officially launched. During the 14th five-year Plan period, the project is expected to invest 3 billion yuan, hold 30,000 family health lectures, and benefit more than 30 million people. 30 million "family health emergency kits" were distributed; Relying on the "Member's home" of the Family Planning Association, 3000 workstations for guidance and service of healthy birth and healthy childbearing have been established. At the same time, it will also carry out the family planning special family visit activities from time to time.


At the end of the meeting, Li Nan, president of Shaanxi Sanba Fule Science & Technology Co., LTD., released the development plan and favorable policies for Sanbafule in 2021, which made everyone see the strategic advantages of Sanba Fule and thus full of confidence in the future of Sanbafule! 


At the last moment of the celebration, the guests walked onto the stage together and slowly injected the "source of life", which represents love and hope, into the starting stage. The fourth March 8th Sanbafule Corporate Culture Festival was successfully held.