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The Promoting Meeting Of Chinese Women's Reproductive Health Services Project Was Held In Beijing

Feb 05, 2014

    On September 28, 2014,the Promoting Meeting of Chinese Women's Reproductive Health Services Project was held in Beijing National Meeting Center.Zhang Weiqing,the 11th Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) national committee of the standing committee,the president of the Chinese Population Association, and the Association of Reproductive HealthIndustry.Sun Bing, the vice President and general secretary of Chinese Association of ReproductiveHealth Industry.Wu Shaohua,the deputy secretary-general  of Chinese Reproductive Health Industry Association. Yuan Xiaofeng,the chairman of 38FULE group,Gaoyu, the executive director of xi 'an 38 Fule Health Industry Co., LTD, and executives of 38 Fule Health Industry Co., LTD,andmore than 1600 Chinese women from all over the country took part in the promoting meeting.

    The president of Chinese Reproductive Health Industry Association,Zhang Weiqing gave the speech, and gave praise for the 

great effect,that 38Fule has made in the past 22 years in the women’s health industry.Meanwhile, he was a  Shaanxinese as well,

he gave good affirmation to such company from Shaanxi,that could persist in doing women’s health industry for such long time.

He hoped that 38Fule could continue to work hard, overcome difficulties, and to become a leading private enterprise in the field

 of reproductive industry.

    The chairman of 38Fule group,Yuan Xiaofeng gave a simple summary report about enterprise development during the past

 22 years. 38Fule has persisted in “Loyalty Harmony Enterprising Innovation”as the enterprise spirit and “Condensation of Love.

    Spreading Health”as the enterprise  tenet,taking active part in the women’s health industry,and being the leader of Chinese women reproductive healthy from the time it founded in 1992 to this time.The enterprise depends on the  development of society. Repaying society actively, fulfilling their social responsibility, participating in more social activities,these are the duty for the enterprise.Yuan Xiaofeng said that 38Fule would bring more businesses and individuals into the Chinese women's reproductive health service project actively.

Zhang Weiqing (front line, right four),Vice president and general secretary,

Sun Bing (front line, right three),vice general secretary,

Wu Shaohua (front line,left two),

Chairman Yuan Xiaofeng(front line,left three) and all senior executives