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The 3rd Corporate Cultural Festival And The Launching Conference Of 5g New Cloud Business Super Red Man Plan Of The 38fule Festival Was Held In Xiamen

Nov 26, 2019

On November 24, the "3rd corporate cultural festival and 5G new cloud business super red man plan launch conference" hosted by the group was held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Yi Hongwei, vice president of China Reproductive Health Industry Association, Wang Qifu, Dean of the Training College of National Open University, Liu genshe, director of the whole media command center of Shaanxi daily, and social network of China Internet association Fan Fei, director of business working group, Liu Feng, general manager of Mahua braid culture media Harbin Co., Ltd., Du menggang, member of Nutrition Society of China Association of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, doctor of Biochemistry and molecular biology of Air Force Military Medical University, Yuan Xiaofeng, chairman of 38fule group, Li Nan, President of 38fule science and Technology Co., Ltd., and nearly 4000 healthy people from all over the country Industry leaders talk about the future of big health industry in 5G era.


In the opening speech, Yuan Xiaofeng, the chairman of 38fule group, said: "the year 2019 is going to be an extraordinary year. Facing the major changes in the industry and the critical period of development challenges, the company, with the support of volunteers, firmly adheres to its development ideas, takes root in its main business, wants to go up and down, faces up to the difficulties, has completed the training of more than 3000 reproductive health consultants, and launched women's health awareness More than 1000 lectures were held, the group settled in the age square of 38fule, and the research and development and production base of Zashui special medical food was put into production smoothly; the first step of internationalization was solid: international markets such as Canada, the United States, Russia were launched one after another. These achievements are the result of the joint efforts of all 38fule's personnel and volunteers!"

Chairman Yuan said that while enjoying the joy of harvest, we should also clearly see many difficulties and challenges. In the face of these difficulties and challenges, we should continue to take "big health + big data + big public welfare" as our development strategy and adhere to the "three insistences": first, we should continue to carry forward and carry forward the "pay attention to women's health, enhance women's charm, and create women's value" of "38fule" The first intention of entrepreneurship is to take corporate culture as the core competitiveness of the enterprise; the second is to adhere to the innovation driven strategy, increase investment in scientific research, deeply stimulate innovation vitality, build a smart enterprise, establish the values of science and technology to create the future of 38fule, and make science and technology become a part of the brand; the third is to adhere to the concept of symbiosis and win-win development, and strive to build the development community and common destiny of 38fule.

Subsequently, the official voice V account of the douyin was officially released at the conference. The first video, led by Jason, the anchorman of Netcom, was recorded by Yuan Xiaofeng, the chairman of38fulegroup, Li Nan, the president of 38fule Technology Co., Ltd. and more than 4000 guests and volunteers who attended the conference. The whole audience waved and shouted "38fule, showing health and happiness". Every 38fule player in the camera was very lucky Happy smile.


Li Nan, President of Shaanxi 38fule Technology Co., Ltd., shared the keynote speech "5g makes her more wonderful", and successively described the development process, public welfare concept, product research and development direction and marketing trend of 38fule  group. He said that in this era of big data, sharing and fission, traffic is the foundation of success. A series of recent layout and measures of mitzvah will rely on 5g technology, integrate big data resources, help each dealer drive traffic and create greater value. At the same time, President Li Nan also released four good news of the group: first, a number of new products are about to be launched to provide consumers with more nutrition and health matching programs; second, the first 5g short video training college of China's direct marketing is established, and 38fule will use professional short video training to establish private traffic on a zero basis; third,38fule's official wechat program, "Lewu mall", will be launched in January 2020 In May, it officially went online, opened the online and offline two-way drainage, gathered precise people, and built a consumption closed-loop; fourth, it launched the "super red man plan", aiming to create 10 million fans online red.


In the new cloud business project, 10 outstanding representatives of distributors from the company also came to the stage of the conference. In a short time, they shared the company's high-quality products and projects with hundreds of partners in the circle of friends at an amazing speed. At the same time, they also got the company's huge returns. In the final data, 10 partners on the stage received more sharing rewards. In order to encourage the efforts and efforts of every excellent dealer, Li Nan, President of 38fule Technology Co., Ltd., personally presented the latest Huawei mate30 mobile phone and mate30pro 5g mobile phone awards to each of them.


The official representative of this cruise ship, Captain Mr Rossi of MSC Mediterranean luxury cruise company brilliance, also came to the meeting and welcomed every VIP who boarded MSc brilliance. He said, "I will use decades of navigation experience to ensure that everyone has a happy and safe journey, and all the crew of the brilliant are ready to welcome you!"