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The 28th 38Fule Anniversary Cloud-celebration And The First LEWO E-commerce Gathering Festival

May 02, 2020

Warm May, deep maternal love! The 28th anniversary of the 38FULE group and the first LEWO e-commerce gathering festival were held in the functional food production base of the 38FULE group in Zhashui. This enterprise grand meeting, which is hosted by Liu Fang, was held in the mode of online-live-broadcast with the cheers of workers and the warmth of dispelling the epidemic. Leaders and guests from all walks of life gathered at the "cloud" , together with more than 1 million industrial on-line guests and more than 200 38Fules volunteers With "5G" as the core, 38Fule will upgrade its scientific research, develop its brand, expand its business and move towards internationalization.

At the same time, the conference also released the brand planning and new product trends of the coming year for consumers, dealers, industrial experts and so on. It is worth mentioning that, before the celebration, the first round of lottery interaction was started in the live broadcast room of 38Fule, and the various areas of LEWO mall also opened the ultra-low discount activities in advance.

Yuan Xiaofeng, the chairman of 38Fule group, first of all paid a high tribute to the help and support from all walks of life, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the cadres, staff and volunteers of the same industry. He said: "at the beginning of the year of 28, we have not changed our mind and mission. Looking back on the past, we have the joy of success and the lessons of failure. But we are lucky. We are in the best period of opportunity. Despite the great impact of the corona-virus epidemic on us, we have won the victory of anti epidemic. In the anti-epidemic work, the majority of 38Fule people have the courage to take responsibility and are willing to contribute. We have not only successfully developed and produced a large number of anti epidemic products, but also actively contributed love and donations, which has received the praise from all walks of life, as well as a number of advanced collectives and individuals. In the past 28 years, the achievements we have made and the difficulties we have overcome depend on this initiative.


In addition, chairman Yuan Xiaofeng also proposed three important development directions: first, adhere to the internationalization strategy to achieve enterprise transformation and upgrading, introduce first-class technology, talents and concepts, and ensure the success of the U.S. listing; second, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, constantly strengthen and improve the R&D; D level of enterprises, and enhance the technological competitive advantage of enterprises; third, adhere to marketing innovation, on the one hand, continue to We will continue to deepen and accelerate the in-depth development of the butterfly program, and do a good job in lectures and training of reproductive health consultants. On the other hand, we will accelerate the learning of new technologies and methods, establish a live broadcast base, enhance the experience of LEWO, and speed up the landing of the "Qingnongji" store. At the same time, we should carry out "all staff marketing" in an all-round way to improve the service awareness and service ability of all staff.

In 2020, a sudden corona-virus epidemic swept the world. When all enterprises are hard to stand on their own at a time when they are in danger, 38Fule resolutely stood up, accompanied by the rebellious, and shouldered the responsibility of protecting the whole society. During this period, the staff of the 38fule industry are willing to contribute, take no pains and do not fear difficulties, showing a high sense of social responsibility and collective honor. In order to set a good example and encourage the advanced, the group decided to commend the outstanding collective and individual in the epidemic prevention and control work, and chairman Yuan Xiaofeng personally presented awards to each award-winning employee at the scene.



The honorary titles of advanced collective include: production department of 38Fule Science & Technology Co. Ltd., marketing center of 38fule group, operation Department of 38Fule LEWO mall, training department of 38fule Network Technology Co. Ltd.,

At the first time of the outbreak of the epidemic, 38fule launched an open initiative of "epidemic prevention and control, everyone's responsibility" to dealers and volunteers across the country, and established a network epidemic prevention front of 38fule. At the same time, the Institute of life sciences and health, Northwestern University, has developed a new type of Chinese herbal disinfectant, and has successively developed a production line for alcohol, masks, hand disinfection gel and other anti epidemic materials. During the period, chairman yuan Xiaofeng visited the production line for many times, led a team to inspect and guide the production work, the plant epidemic prevention and control system and implementation, and expressed condolences to the local first-line epidemic prevention and control and detection personnel. Up to now, 38fule group has donated 450 boxes of sanitary napkin products worth 1.08 million yuan to the first-line female medical staff of "anti epidemic" in HuBei Province, and also donated more than 1 million yuan worth of anti epidemic materials and daily necessities to other social groups to practice the social responsibility of private enterprises.

In order to improve the brand development, 38fule launched the "2020 brand ten million launch strategy". At the meeting, Liu Zhiqiang, deputy general manager of Shaanxi 38fule group, successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with Zhao bijuan, chief customer officer of Baidu Shaanxi, Zhang Zhenyu, vice president of Beijing xiongxiaoying Technology Co., Ltd., and Lu Ying, chief marketing officer of Beijing all time Network Information Co., Ltd., all parties will We should give full play to our own resources and technological advantages, expand our influence through mainstream media channels such as Baidu, Sina, Xiao Hong Shu, douyin,Today's headlines and Tencent, and develop extensive and in-depth cooperation in enhancing brand culture and sense of value.


In the face of the fierce epidemic, 38fule has promoted its return to work and production in an orderly manner to fulfill its social responsibilities. At the same time, it has made full use of 5g short video technology to successfully transform its online marketing, successfully held the online activity of "the first happy house fan Carnival", opened the Taobao live brand line, invited the online celebrity and the famous movie star Hu Ke to carry the goods live, and demonstrated 38fule's accelerated youth Change the strategy of transformation, and push the product to the public in a way that caters to consumers' preferences.

Li Nan, President of Shaanxi 38fule Technology Co., Ltd., Hou Xugang, vice president, Tong Yubo, vice president and Liu Zhiqiang, vice general manager of the group jointly inaugurated the "base", marking that 38fule will become a group with a complete ecosystem of R & D, production, logistics and sales, and there will be more and better resources for those who want to be the anchor to have a broader exhibition space! In the future, the brand concept of "one healthy woman, one happy family and one prosperous nation" will also be spread to every corner through the all media platform, so that the world can feel the brand power of the music!


Wang Xiaolei, a well-known host of CCTV, also congratulated the establishment of the "music house live broadcast base" of LEWU e-commerce gathering Festival through a VCR. He hoped that the "music house base" could bring help to more entrepreneurs in the tide of the Internet. He also hoped that 38fule group could continue to lead the trend, work with one heart and create brilliance again.


At the last moment of the celebration, the guests stepped onto the stage, cut the birthday cake together in the singing of the birthday blessing song, and celebrated the 28th anniversary of the 38Fule's day.