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Shaanxi Huatai Pharmaceutical Co.,ltd Got A National Patent Of Extraction Technology

Jul 15, 2016

  Recently, shaanxi huatai pharmaceutical Co., Ltd ,a subsidiary of 38fule group. " obtained national invention patent (Patent No.: 201310466721.7) of pepper alkali extraction method and application. This is another achievement to implement innovation of drive development strategy .

  Pepper is a broad spectrum anticonvulsant drug, it has a wide use in inhibition of human cervical cancer cell, hela cell proliferation and increase bone density drugs. traditional extraction method is rough and backward, which leads to excessive consumption of patient and inconvenient to take, which seriously affects clinical application of product. this invention, so that increase the rate of pepper alkali, high content.the purity can up to 98-99%.

 Shaanxi huatai pharmaceutical Co., Ltd registered capital is 400 million yuan, located in shaanxi province yangling demonstration of 38fule Health Industrial Park,it has preparations, inspection, extraction. the workshop is more than 10,000 square meters, annual production capsule can up to 3 billion grains ,tablet can up to 2 million pieces, particle can up to 1.5 million bags,medicine extraction can up to 800 tons. we have a strong technical strength, complete quality testing equipment and quality assurance system, we will continue to introduce strong professional and technical personnel and quality management, provide a stable, effective and safe production environment. Now the products Ningxin anshen capsule, Baicalein aluminum capsule and Compound pearl acne capsule has obtained competitive ability in market.