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New Products Member Of Shaanxi 38Fule

Feb 20, 2017

  Recently, Xi'an Jialai lihua Cosmetics Co., Ltd.was established.a new member of Shaanxi 38Fule group, It is a beautiful encounter between pharmacy and cosmetic. Meanwhile ,beauty of Angle series was published.

  The company was established in Xi'an International Port District,it is a integrated cosmetics company including stem cell,production and service united by America and Canada team.

  We has own GMP certification workshop, first-class production lines, well-known domestic researchers and Canada skin experts as technical force. With rich experience to develop customized high-quality skin care products, by domestic and foreign outstanding R & D team, from inside and outside imported raw materials and technology, we are successful development Angle series of skin care products.

  They are:Angle repairing serum hyaluronic acid, Angle sparkling hydro-rich essence, Angle smooth skin nutrition mask,Angle multi effect active water

  All of ones has been listed,it can satify different age  female for skin care and maintenance.

  1.Angle repairing serum hyaluronic acid

  It contains moisture factor of sodium hyaluronate, can deep moisturizing, lock moisture, make skin moist, transparent, repair skin wrinkles, nourish and make skin moist and more beautiful.

  2.Angle sparkling hydro-rich essence

  It contains sodium hyaluronate and plant  moisture factor, can permeate deeply skin, lock skin moisture to keep skin moist for a long time, enhance skin elasticity and youthful. make skin moist, transparent, more beautiful color if long term use.

  3.Angle smooth skin nutrition mask

  It contains punica granatum fruit extract, xanthan gum and avena sativa protein extracts,aloe extract, hamamelis virginiana extract and sodium hyaluronate .It can relieve skin dry, improve skin darkness and uneven color, balance and brighten skin,make skin moist, fresh ,more youthful and transparent.

  4. Angle multi effect active water

  It contains yeast extract, lycium chinese extract,cornus officinalis extract, angelica sinensis extract, salvia miltiorrhiza extract and other active ingredients,it can make deeply moisturizing, restore skin elasticity, improve wrinkles, restore delicate skin.