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Marriott Sheraton Hotel Settled In 38Fule Times Square At The 26th Ceremony

Apr 02, 2018


April 1.2018.38Fule and Marriott Sheraton Hotel signed cooperation agreement in 38Fule times square of  Xi'an.Mr. Lin Cong.senior vice president of hotel business in China.Mr. Yuan Xiaofeng.the chairman of 38Fule group.cosigned this agreement.


Sheraton is the brand of starwood hotels and resorts management group.the top 500 company of the world. which came to 72 countries  from 1963.and has more than 400 hotels' management rights. which is praised by the world for its high quality. it is relatively strict in location selection, mainly selecting attractive metropolis and holiday village.


The times square is one of glory 38Fule family members. 38Fule and Marriott group joined forces will create  core city of China together. meanwhile.it indicates 38Fule will be in the new era.embark on a new journey.create new brilliance.