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Tongyuan Silkie Essence Of Oral Liquid

Sep 13, 2017

Tongyuan silkie essence of oral liquid, a chinese brand ,chosen Taihe pure silkie,high-quality honey, red dates and other traditional nutritional edible raw materials. by high pressure extraction of modern food industry advanced technology to extract nutritional essence. which contains abundant nutrients needed by human body.


Application crowd:

1.Female group:

Young group: irregular menstruation, poor complexion, pale, cold hands and feet

Beauty group: acne, chloasma, skin dark color

Ready for pregnancy group: lack of qi and blood, malnutrition

Pregnancy group:  gravidity hypertension, low immunity

Postpartum recovery group: postpartum weakness

Menopause group: endocrine disorders, anxiety, insomnia and more dreams

2.Male group:

Liver and kidney deficiency: dizziness, soreness and weakness of waist and knees,nocturia, night sweats, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation

Poor health of spleen and stomach: body cold, indigestion, lack of energy, mouth parched and tongue scorched

Physically weakness: mental fatigue, shortness of breath, body weight loss, fatigue

People with insomnia: bad sleep

Unsuitable crowd: Children

Usage:Twice a day, one bottle each time, 15 days to maintain a good complexion