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Eucommia Ulmoides

May 25, 2016

Eucommia ulmoides is a species of small  tree native to China. It belongs to the monotypic family, Eucommiaceae. It is  near threatened in the wild, but is widely cultivated in China for its bark and is highly valued in herbology such as  traditional chinese medicine.


(Eucommia ulmoides Oliv) belongs to Eucommia Eucommiaceae of Du Zhongshu plant,it contains high chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid also known as 3-car - feoyquinic acid plants in oxygen process via pentose phosphate pathway (HMS) of intermediate product in the synthesis of a styrene acrylic carotenoid substances. recently research shown that has high content of chlorogenic acid in eucommia ulmoides leaves, it can be up to 1 ~ 5.5. Chlorogenic acid which can be cholagogue, antibacterial, antiviral, blood pressure, elevated white blood cells and excitement of central nervous system and other pharmacological effects, it is important raw material of health care products, food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries. thus, it has  great social and economic significance.


Medicinal function:

1. Anti tumor effect

2.Treatment kidney deficiency and back pain

3 Lower blood pressure

4.Regulation immune function

5. antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect

6.Improvement digestive system effect

7.Anticancer effect

8.Effect on reproductive system

It can eliminate proteinuria,recovery renal function, promote kidney function; increase blood flow.

9.Effect of anti stress and anti-aging.


Meanwhile,eucommia is a chinese traditional medicine, it also as animal promoting growth agent, promoting growth, increasing eggs, prolactin and animal immune enhancer. The eucommia benefits of animal farmers feed has been recognized.In recent years, the test has been initially confirmed that bark of eucommia ulmoides, Ginkgo biloba extract, eucommia leaf powder to improve role of livestock, poultry,fish health and production performance,improve health of high age chickens, improve animal meat, egg quality.it confirmed that eucommia ulmoides extracts as feed mould inhibitor. eucommia ulmoides leaves has superior antibacterial growth performance  and widely recognized by everyone. Tests show that the extracts of leaves has broad-spectrum antimicrobial, antioxidant, scavenging free radicals and enhance immunity, with the promotion of the rapid growth of livestock and poultry; disease prevention and control.