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Director Of Food And Drug Administration Of Yangling Demonstration District Inspection To 38Fule

Mar 30, 2017

On March 28th.Mr Li xinlong .the director of Yangling demonstration zone of food and drug administration. and deputy director Mrs.Zhao yuanli investigated Yangling 38fule health science and technology industrial park.Mr. Yuan xiaofeng.chairman of 38fule Group.Mrs Guomeng and Mr.Xu haijun. deputy general manager.Mr.Li Xinnian.deputy general manager of huatai pharmaceutical Co.,ltd.Mr.Cheng jianqiang. general manager of wan lilai hotel. attended this forum.


Yuan xiaofeng introduced the construction of 38fule health science and technology park.reported the production and operation of enterprises.analyzed existing problems  and rectification plan.Yuan xiaofeng said.we must improve consciousness quality.pay close attention to production and quality management. strengthen staff management.improve management level and quality.enhance the sense of crisis.fasten safety belt.steady development.make contribution to Yangling economy.


Li xinlong said.the food and drug administration actively optimize enterprise development environment.adhere to quality and safety as the core. combine with management.help and promotion.strictly improve supervision.warm service. He said.38fule is well-known enterprises to establish sense of responsibility.strengthen production management and staff construction. law-abiding.make enterprise become backbone of intra-industry.make a great contribution to Yangling social and economic development.

Li xinlong also inspected pharmaceutical production workshop and quality control room.