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Collagen Protein And Other Three Products Have Obtained Viet Nam Government License

Mar 10, 2015

    Recently, 38FULE collagen power, Nice Rose collagen drink,Nice Rose Prune Juice Drink approved by Viet Nam Judicial 

Bureau,Viet Nam Food Safety Authority,and obtained the imported product register by the government in Viet Nam.These products are available to be sold in Viet Nam.Vietnam Huy Hong Import and Export Company is the general sale agent in Viet Nam.

     38FULE collagen power adopts EU imported collagen as the raw material.Extracted and tested according to the international 

standards.Added none accessories such as pigments,essence,preservatives and so on.The quality is reliable.Small molecular hydrolyzed collagen, molecular weight in the 500 Dalton, absorbed by the body to use more easily than normal collagen.If you use 38FULE collagen power for long term,you will effectively improve skin elasticity, improve skin moisture, reduce discoloration, make the skin bright white, the eye bags Black rim of the eye disappeared basically, and the whole body  from the inside out, fundamentally to glow the youth brilliance.

    Nice Rose Collagen Drink adopts EU imported collagen,double rose juice,prune juice,astaxanthin,vitamin C and others as

ingredients,extracted and examined according to international standard.No pigment,no essence,no preservative,no hormone and others.The quality is liable,natural and taste good.The volume of each bottle is up to 5000mg,can supply  the erosion of collagen for each day.The collagen molecular is under 1800 Dalton, belongs to super small molecules,which can be packaged individually.Safe,clean and without hormone,convenient.Can be fully absorbed by the body, to achieve the best effect on supplying people with collagen.

     Nine Rose Vitamin Prune Juice Drink,added grape seed extract (GSE) on the base of prune puree native to EU,grape juice,

Vitamin B6.Each bottle contains 49.5mg GSE,equals to 32mg OPC. OPC is a kind of natural antioxidant,its antioxidant function is 20 times of vitamin C,50 times of vitamin E,which can  effectively reduce the generationof free radicals or accelerate its clearance.Antioxidant protection film will be formed with the collagen,reduce the erosion of collagen,improve the skin,relieve the pressure in the daily life and the damage from environmental factorson the skin.Maintaining the elasticity of skin.Improving dark and other problems.Making the skin brilliant inside out.