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Bloom Together! The Second Enterprise Cultural Festival Of 38 Fule's Music In Macao

Oct 25, 2018

On October 25.The Second enterprise Culture Festival Macao Carnival hosted by the 38 Fule's music Group was grandly opened at the Venetian Macao International Resort Center.Yi Hongwei, Vice President of China Reproductive Health Industry Association,Pan Zhiming, Director foremost of Macao Caritas Association,Vice President of Asia Pacific Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs AssociationHua ng Huimei, Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Charity Foundation Preparatory CommitteeLu Jiaxi, General Manager of Business Department of Ping An Bank Xianyang Branch,Sun Zhizhong, Director of Macao International Environmental Protection Satellite Television and Financial Television,Yuan Xiaofeng,Vice Chairman of China Reproductive Health Industry Association and Chairman of ShanXi 38Fule Group,Leaders and guests including Li Nan, President of Martial Arts Technology Co., Ltd. attended the opening ceremony of this cultural festival.At this corporate culture event hosted by Xie Yafang, a famous host of Phoenix TV,World premiere of 38 Fule's Music corporate song "Blooming Together"The "Butterfly Program" Volunteer Bank Card jointly issued by38 Fule and Ping An Bank was launched,New products of Huatai Pharmaceutical released......In a warm atmosphere,More than 5,000 martial arts volunteers gathered in Macao,Share this cultural journey,wealth feast.


On the same day at 6 pm,After the wonderful opening movie and the opening show,“The Second Carnival of Macao 38Fule's Music Festival” officially kicked off.First of all,Yuan Xiaofeng, chairman of the 38Fule's Group, delivered an opening speech. He said that Maca0 is a magical place. In this magical land, it is very meaningful to discuss the development plan of 38Fule's.

Chairman Yuan Xiaofeng thinks,Corporate culture is an important part of the company's core competitiveness, an inexhaustible driving force for the development of the enterprise, a valuable intangible asset for the enterprise to establish credibility and expand its influence, and a guide for the company's growth and sustainable development.He said: "The corporate culture of 38Fule is the corporate value of 38Fule's" gathering love and passing on health. "For 26 years, 38Fule has never forgotten to" focus on women's health, enhance feminine charm and create Women's value,While pursuing corporate development,It has always regarded contribution to society and service to society as the premise of enterprise development,And this is the "condensed love" of 38Fule.It can be said that for 26 years, 38Fule has only done one thing. In the future, 38Fule  will still only do this one thing, that is, women's health career, for this cause, we will contribute all our strength all our love;Secondly, it is the entrepreneurial spirit of 38Fule. Our entrepreneurial spirit is "loyalty, harmony, aggressiveness and innovation".Among them, loyalty means that enterprises should be loyal to the country, abide by disciplines and laws, and pay taxes according to regulations. Employees must be loyal to the enterprise, do their due diligence, and take the factory as their home. Enterprises should be loyal to consumers, operate with integrity, and provide consumers with high-quality and cheap products and services;At the same time, enterprises should also be loyal to their partners, keep their promises and develop together. Regarding 'harmony', as early as 1999, I proposed to establish a 'harmonious enterprise'. The basic idea is enterprise development, employee growth, consumer satisfaction, and dealers' wealth.The 38Fule Ecosystem we are building now is to build 38Fule into such a harmonious enterprise.

In addition, Chairman Yuan Xiaofeng also said that with the implementation of the strategy of "Healthy China" for the country's construction, 38Fule has ushered in the development opportunity of the second entrepreneurship, and they have formulated the development strategy of "big health + big data + big public welfare" And "strive to complete sales revenue of 10 billion yuan, profit and tax of 3 billion yuan by 2020, incubate 38 multimillionaires, 3800 millionaires, and 38,000 families with annual income of 380,000 yuan, the company completed in Hong Kong and the US listing. "In order to achieve this goal, Chairman Yuan Xiaofeng also put forward requirements for the martial arts women: "We must overcome the impetuous psychology, have a long-term and stable development strategy, adhere to technological innovation, rely on our expert team and platform to develop excellent Products, in marketing, strictly implement the "product-oriented" business philosophy, unite as one, work hard, and under the guidance of the excellent corporate culture of 38Fule, contribute to the health of Chinese women."


In the following speeches by guests, Yi Hongwei, Vice President of the China Reproductive Health Industry Association, on behalf of the China Reproductive Health Industry Association, congratulated the Macao Carnival on the Second Corporate Culture Festival,He said that this was his second time to participate in the cultural festival organized by the 38Fule Group. "we interpreted the true meaning of corporate culture with his own wisdom and feelings, and showed the power Cohesion and centripetal force.This cultural festival has a beautiful title-'Blooming Together', I think that blooming here is not only the perseverance and pursuit of martial arts women, but also the infinite charm of Chinese reproductive health culture . "At the same time, Vice President Yi Hongwei also spoke highly of the corporate culture of 38Fule Group. He said: "38Fule Group, as a leading enterprise in China's reproductive health industry cluster, not only has excellent development ideas and good The business performance of the company has its own cultural consciousness in the construction of corporate culture. As the organizer, manager and standard setter of the whole industry, The China reproductive Health Industry Association will work together with 38Fule Group to explore corporate culture and The road to the development of the enterprise, and strive to create a good social atmosphere that pays attention to the health of the whole people and the reproductive health of the people, so as to bloom in the new era and new journey, blooming ideals and pursuits.

After the enthusiastic speeches by Yuan Xiaofeng, chairman of the 38Fule Group, and Yi Hongwei, vice president of the China Reproductive Health Industry Association, the "Butterfly Project Hong Kong and Macao Station Launch Ceremony" was held. Six guests including Pan Zhiming, the general director of the Caritas Macao Center, and Yi Hongwei, vice president of the China Reproductive Health Industry Association, jointly pressed the start button to start the "Butterfly Project" trip to Hong Kong and Macao.

The purpose of the public welfare project "Butterfly Project" is "to pay attention to women's health, advocate healthy life; promote family happiness and achieve national rejuvenation". The main contents of the plan include conducting health knowledge lectures and popularizing health science knowledge; training reproductive health consultants and forming a professional reproductive health service team; establishing a "maternal and child health bookstore" and building a maternal and child health promotion base; carrying out health management for volunteers and difficulties Families establish health records, provide personalized health services, and comprehensively improve health levels; set up women's health charity funds to provide health assistance to people in difficulty and families, and financial support for female entrepreneurs. The goal is to hold 3,000 health knowledge lectures (times) from 2018 to 2020, with more than 1 million participants (times); train 10,000 "reproductive health consultants" and recruit 100,000 volunteers; Establish health files for volunteers and carry out health management; establish 2,000 "maternal and child health bookstores", establish women's health promotion bases and reproductive health consultant skills training bases; set up women's health charity and entrepreneurship funds, and invest funds for 3 years Reached more than 50 million yuan.

At present, the "Butterfly Project" project of the 38Fule has been included in the official website of "Volunteer China" and has danced in many provinces and cities across the country, including Shanxi, Hubei, Henan, and Liaoning. Volunteers can join the Butterfly Project through the website at any time. It is reported that the "Volunteer China" service management platform is a comprehensive information management website built and operated by the China Youth Volunteers Association under the guidance of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League.

Subsequently, the launching ceremony of the "Butterfly Program" volunteer exclusive bank card jointly launched by 38Fule and Ping An Bank was launched, and the leaders of Ping An Bank presented the first card to Li Nan, president of 38Fule Technology Co., Ltd. According to reports, this exclusive card for March Eighth Women ’s Music Volunteers is specially customized for March Eighth Women ’s Music. The card holders are free of cash withdrawal, deposit, transfer, etc. at the Ping An Bank counter. Online banking, transfers via online banking do not incur any fees. In addition, through this successful cooperation with Ping An Bank, an exclusive bank card for the martial arts volunteers has been customized. The group achieved greater success.

"I believe that love is a sail, can take me to ride the wind and waves, give me the courage to run into the distance ... The clang roses are here fragrant, facing the warm sunshine side by side, your gentle arms, your beautiful face, and we have never given up The ideal of "Blooming Together" ... After Yuan Xiaofeng, Chairman of38Fule Group, and Yue Yue Miracle jointly signed the launching ceremony of the global release of 38Fule, the famous Chinese singing group "Jiu Yue Miracle" sang The company song "Breaking Together" of the 38Fule Group! The loud singing, inspiring lyrics, and beautiful melody made the applause burst from the audience, which shocked everyone in the scene, and also made the participants participate with full enthusiasm and sing together with the "Jiuyue Miracle" , Pushing the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.

Corporate songs are the spiritual power of an enterprise and an indispensable and important part of building an enterprise culture. Internally, it can enhance the positive energy of the enterprise, enhance the morale of the entire company, enhance the cohesion and spirit, and also enhance the team awareness of employees, find a sense of belonging and increase responsibility; at the same time, it is also a good carrier to establish the external image of the enterprise. It is an intangible asset of an enterprise. According to reports, the company song "Blooming Together" of the 38Fule Group is composed of "Jiuyue Miracle" and Yuan Xiaofeng, the chairman of the38Fule Group, wrote an inspiring song and a song of struggle. From this song, everyone can see the spirit of struggling and courageously striving forward, and the corporate spirit and image of 38Fule are vividly presented in front of the world.

"Jiuyue Miracle" said in an interview that the reason why they are willing to sing for the 38Fule is because they feel the gratitude expressed by this song, the kind of fighting spirit, the kind of unity They believe that no matter how many bumps and tribulations there may be, martial arts women will struggle for their dreams, and through their own efforts, they will jointly create their beautiful tomorrow.


"Blooming Together", Professor Yuan Xiaofeng said that corporate songs are the "sound business cards" of the company and the strongest voice of the company's development, "This song The song has my own experience and is also a tribute to all martial arts women. I hope this song will become a window for the community to understand the corporate spirit of the martial arts music. I also hope that this good-sounding, learning and singing enterprise song, It can inspire martial arts women to bloom together and create a better future together.

At the 38Fule Corporate Culture Festival, the launching ceremony of the new product of the Huatai Pharmaceutical Group under the 38Fule Group and the departure ceremony of the "Thirty-eight Women's Music Overseas Seminar-Journey to the Maldives" were also drawn. One Maldives Travel Award. Finally, in the passionate and cheerful singing of "Blooming Together", the Macao Carnival of the Second Corporate Culture Festival of 38Fule came to an end. At that moment, everyone on the scene was still immersed in the enthusiasm and emotion of this Macao Carnival. They met one after another: struggle together, bloom together!