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38Fule Won The Most Respected Direct Selling Enterprise Award Of 2017

Dec 26, 2017

From 13th to 15 th Nov.of 2017,the annual tenth most esteemed direct selling enterprise award ceremony and eighth chinese direct selling culture forum was held in crowne plaza Lido, Beijing.


38Fule won the most respected direct selling enterprise award of 2017, executive vice president Li Nan won the most respected marketing manager award.

By over 25 years experience in female reproductive health field ,38Fule won the most respected direct enterprises award.


 In 2017,many industries has changed marketing mode to new retail ,a blue ocean area. direct selling has far more than expected pace won the outlet than entire industry. as a new thinking,it is inevitable. like internet plus, it is a way of thinking and frame. meanwhile, this new mode is also the beginning and opportunity for transformation of direct selling industry, which is based on real economy, in the declining state. stepping on the shoulders of chinese service and mobile internet dominating world, the retail sale of domestic entities from the real estate retail mode to the new retail mode of developed countries.it will become a turning point in the whole retail history. this year, many direct selling enterprises take new retail trains to seek new development.