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38Fule Supports To Create No Multi-level Marketing City In Yangling Of Shaanxi Province

Mar 01, 2017

  Recently.Yangling demonstration zone has been assessed as " no multi-level marketing city "of Shaanxi province.it was organized by combat multi-level marketing office, industrial and commercial bureau. civilization office. public security department and comprehensive management office and other units of province. 38Fule is only one native direct selling enterprise located in Yangling demonstration zone of Shaanxi province. owed to its long-term standardized production. integrity management.high quality product.which has played a positive role in this assessment.

  38Fule fulfilled corporate social responsibility.payed fully taxes on time according to law , supported national policy.promoted social employment.strictly abide by regional laws and regulations.make a positive contribution to Yangling demonstration zone of economic development.employment and other aspects.and became big taxpayer in zone.and entered into key tax source enterprises in Shaanxi province. won wide acclaim from all sectors of society. at the same time.we deeply carried out reproductive health services project of chinese women. promoted family happiness growing.established 38Fule volunteers association. and actively participated in various volunteer programs.we carried out rose business plan to help women out of poverty.set up disabled foundation to support disabled entrepreneurial activities.

  In 24 years.38Fule has donated for disability.education.health and other public welfare over ninety millions yuan cumulatively. In 2017.we will jointly relevant departments to open more public welfare plan.to help many vulnerable groups in China.give much love to more people.