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38Fule Hotel Will Be Completed

Jul 05, 2016

The Hotel of Shaanxi 38Fule Science&Technology Co.,ltd will be completed in Yangling Shaanxi province.It indicated that 38Fule group has opened up a new chapter in business scope.

Apart from hotel,we have built four bases and five marketing departments.The four bases are yangling national Hi-tech demonstration 38Fule healthy products base,xianyang national Hi-tech 38Fule medical logistics base,chunhua 38Fule chinese herbal medicine planting base and zhashui qinlin leisure base.the five marketing departments has its own marketing modes,making full use of its active competitiveness.completely finished whole industry chain among medicine plant, herb extracts, deep processing and sales.along with hotel completed,we have taken another step forward of diversification development.

38Fule,keep on going!