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38Fule Gynecological Pad Gained Provincial Financial Support In 2015

Mar 26, 2015

    At the beginning of this year,approved by the professional union of small and medium-sized enterprise development special fund project at the provincial level.Decided by provincial small and medium-sized enterprises promotion board and the department of finance of Shaanxi. All the projects which gained the financial support has been published, and the project about improving the industry level of 38Fule gynecological pad is on the list.

    38Fule gynecological pads are the high-tech gynecological external-use products,which were  developed according to the Chinese traditional medical theory,and applied the modern medicine transdermal absorption technology. 38Fule gynecological pads contain natural medicine alkaloids,which have the outstanding effect on abirritation,relieving itching,anti-inflammation,anti-virus and strengthening the pubic disease-resistant ability and the body's immune function and without any side-effect and no stimulation,anaphylaxis. 38Fule gynecological pads are known as a big stunt for the treatment of gynecological diseases which adopt Chinese traditional medicine. Many clinical observation from hospitals, the Fourth Military Medical University and Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine approved that 38Fule gynecological pads have outstanding effect on curing  gynecologicalcommon disease and frequently-occurring disease.

   In 2015,38Fule group will establish two new production lines in Yangling production basement.The annual production value will up to 300 million yuan.Meanwhile, a new product ,the male wonderful pad, will also be published,which will be popular with men.