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38Fule Got 6 National Patents Of China

Jan 11, 2016

In the end of  2015, 38Fule group has a great honor again, our product gynecological antibacterial gel, xinxin  capsules and other products,has got 6 national patents of China.especially,38 Fule gynecological pad gained national invention patents, patent number is  201010563112.X.

In recent years,38Fule group implemented a deeply innovation-driven strategy,to increase product development efforts,we will keep on going independent research and development,and apply more original product patents. creating more superior ones made in China.served  for more person all over the world.

38Fule gynecological pad,a silver-ion gynecological pad,differred from common cleaning pad only daily cleaning, no health benefits,some other medical pad has less efficacy and stimulate the skin, prone to allergie and no bactericidal effect. 

Our pad adds sterilization intermediate layer with silver nitrate on the basis of ordinary pad. Sterilization layer has high oxidation state of silver ions, it can produce atomic oxygen, which plays a bactericidal effect, It is no harmful for human body, and sterilization effect is obvious.