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38Fule Blossomed Extraordinary Splendor in Vietnam International Medical Exhibition

May 15, 2015

  The 22nd Vietnam International Medicine Pharmaceutical Medical Equipment Exhibition was held at the Hanoi City Friendship&

Culture Palace on May 13th. The vice minister of Health Department,Ruan Shichuan gave the speech at the ceremony, this 

exhibition the platform for national medical manufactures and sales to study the international medical advanced technology,and 

to recommend the new products and advanced technology.

     More than 350 organizations from all over the world attended this exhibition.Shaanxi 38Fule Science&Technology Co,.Ltd was

the most popular one of all. The lecturer of 38Fule company gave the lecture about women reproductive health on the scene,

people lined up for consulting,even other exhibitors came to study. More than 300 people came to visit and more than 100 people 

left their contact information.During the following days,the beneficial customers brought their friends to the exhibition and consult

the products of 38Fule.Thousands of products information materials couldn’t meet the needs of customers. The products attracted

the attentions of Vietnamese government and news media.

    The representative of 38Fule introduced corporate series of products to the leaders of the Vietnam national ministry of science 

and technology, the feminine association, the Vietnam government office, the commerce ministry, and the ministry of public

security department, accepted their opinions modestly, with a beautiful wish about distributing such a macro-love to every corner 

of the world through the methods of benefiting Vietnam women by approaching them into series of activities.

Company lecturer is giving the lecture about women reproductive   health

People crowed in front of the stand of 38Fule