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Make healthy women more beautiful, Make beautiful women more healthy.

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Shaanxi 38Fule Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the best chinese health care product supplier.most of ingredients be natural and healthy.we had professional factory and passed GMP certificate.meanwhile,to guarantee product quality.we have 5000 mu planting base for herb raw materials. we can offer safe, competitive and high purify products continuously with reliable quality. Welcome to purchase our products.

● Basic information:

Name: Lady Care Patch

38Fule lady care patch was made from over 10 chinese precious medicine according to Chinese "Treat an internal illness by external treatment" theory, clinically proven, it can effectively reduce pain nerve excitement, make local vessel expansion, promote blood circulation, thus to improve dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation, also it has good effect on lumbosacral pain, sallow complexion,physical weakness,poor blood and chronic pelvic inflammation, cervicitis, annex inflammation.

● Product specifications: 3g/ pieceX 2 / box

 Main ingredients:

Evodia rutaecarpa, cinnamon, fennel, angelica, asarum, clove, kuh-seng, phellodendron, frankincense, myrrh, borneol, rhizoma cyperi

 Product features:

1. Effectively alleviates abnormal menstrual period.

Promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis, warms analgesic effect, effectively alleviates and eliminates female menstrual abdominal pain, lumbosacral pain, cold hands ,feet and other symptoms.

2.Body activation, immune enhancement and symptoms improvement.

Activation human disease resistance gene, balances body function, adjusts microcirculation, enhances immunity, effectively improves irregular menstruation, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

3. Regulation system, enhancement metabolism and promotion health.

Adjusts body's endocrine system, enhances metabolism, eases menstrual period of female stress, irritability, depression and other symptoms, to maintain a healthy mental condition.

4.Transdermal absorption, relaxs muscles and stimulates blood circulation ,warms ovary and uterus.

Through transdermal absorption,the drug directly effects on uterus via Shenque acupoint , regulates qi and activating blood circulation, warms ovary and uterus, also helps postpartum women to accelerate discharge lochia.

 Product advantage: efficiency use, stable effectiveness and does not recur.

1.High absorption,biology use.

It was produced by high-tech pharmaceutical purification technology and molecular blasting and ultra filtration method .which can fully extract effective components .it is helpful to rapid dissolution. and improve biological ratio of drugs.

2.High quality inspection and certification.

Certified by department of the state drug administration, by several top rank hospital ‘s clinical verification,the effect is exactly and stable .

3.Strong and lasting efficacy.

The drug uses small molecule drug, it contains potent molecular,which can adsorb in disease region aggregation, plays a lasting effect, rapidly eliminates of symptoms, thus to bidirectional regulation and cure.


1.It is suitable for primary dysmenorrhea, intractable dysmenorrhea, and membranous dysmenorrhea etc.

2. Menstruation disorders, menstruation inaccuracy, color purple, or pale or sallow complexion, physical weakness.

3.Abdominal distension,breast pain,backache,hand foot cold, poor blood.

4.Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, annex inflammation and other gynecological inflammation.

5. Abdominal pain, incomplete lochia after abortion and uterine restoration.

  Usage: Clean skin,paste on navel.change it 2 or 3 days.


● Shipment:

1.Small quantity will send by EMS,UPS,Fedex,DHL.etc.

2.Big cargo will send by air or sea,both available.

3.Delivery time according to quantity.

● Our lab and factory

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● Certificate:


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● Why choose us?   

1.We own 5000 mu  planting base for materials.

2.We have own factory and lab.

3.We have over 25 years experience.  


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