Gynecological Cleaning Gel For Vagina And Reproductive Disease Prevention

Make healthy women more beautiful, Make beautiful women more healthy.

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Shaanxi 38Fule Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the best chinese health care product supplier.most of ingredients be natural and healthy.we had professional factory and passed GMP certificate.meanwhile,to guarantee product quality.we have 5000 mu planting base for herb raw materials. we can offer safe, competitive and high purify gynecological cleaning gel,prevention for women vagina and reproductive disease at reliable genital itching, pain, swell, eczema, body odor and abnormal leucorrhea.Welcome to purchase our products.

● Basic information:

Name: Gynecological cleaning gel  

Main ingredients: Baikal skullcap root,Radix Sophorae flavescentis,Fructus cnidii, honeysuckle, Rhizoma cyperi, Peach seed, Dahurian patrinia herb, Rhizoma corydalis,Cortex phellodendri,Radix paeoniae rubra,Wild chrysanthemum,Dried alum,Borneol,Benzalkonium bromide

38Fule gynecological cleaning antibacterial gel was made by chief scientist professor Jeffrey myer and his 23 doctoral level researchers of american 38fule international medicine research center.which based on America cayuga women’s health foundation, combined with traditional chinese medicine theory, and utilized super critical extraction and the latest RNAi technology. The product belonged to water solution gel of antiviral microorganism, specifically designed for female aging and common gynecological diseases.

● Product specifications: 4g/ piece X 12piece /box

● Product features:

By real high-tech and exact quality assurance.RNAi interference technology is applied to gynecological products firstly.for the first time combines treatment of gynecological diseases ,reproductive system ,nutritional supplements and daily care function perfectly together.Firstly proposed concept of female reconstruction defense system of reproductive system, left women away gynecological diseases, and maintained a long time health.

● Product advantages:

1.Two-way sterilization, preventment cross infection.

It is easy to breed bacteria and cause inflammation in women's humid vaginal environment. If monodirectional treatment, it would be repeated attacks after marital intercourse, because much of bacteria in male’s genitalia. 38fule gynecological cleaning antibacterial gel, can effectively eliminates superficial inflammatory.before marital intercourse use, it can bidirectional eliminates inflammatory, prevents cross infection and ensures healthy life.

2.Purification uterine environment.

Women always are known as the "yellow face mother "after 30 ages, why? that is uterus problem. For young girls, the uterus likes lips full and rosy, but along with age growth, menstruation, sperm and inoculation will make it filled with toxic waste. after systemic blood circulation ,it would appear on face, eg. dark and yellow skin, stain. 38fule gel can purify uterine environment, thus improves skin, make you far away yellow face.

3.Repair vaginal mucosa, enjoy sex life.

Women vaginal mucosa gradually disappears after 35 age, It will be intercourse dryness, pain, sexual apathy, sexual life is disharmony, which directly impacts on relationship between family harmony. 38fule gel can repair vaginal wall to be young state, and lubrication, enjoys sex life.

4.Ovarian nutrition supplement, recurrence young age

Ovary secretes estrogen, when it is atrophy, estrogen will reduce, Women’s skin and body will appear problems frequently. 38fule gel nourish ovary is safe and natural, make women beautiful ,which will autogenous produce estrogen, compact skin, prominent figure, and avoid side effects of oral estrogen.

● Product application:

1.Lack of reproductive nutrition, ovarian function reduced, premature skin relaxation, rough, wrinkles, sagging breasts, facial pigmentation, hair loss and other aging phenomenon.

2.Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, annexitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion and other gynecological diseases.

3.Poor quality of married life, lack of sexual intercourse pleasure, vaginal dryness and menopausal symptoms.

4.Daily hygiene of women's vagina, before and after sex life of couple health care and lubrication.

● Shipment:

1.Small quantity will send by EMS,UPS,Fedex,DHL.etc.

2.Big cargo will send by air or sea,both available.

3.Delivery time according to quantity.

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