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 FAQ  of  38fule Gynecological Cleaning Antibacterial   Gel

1, Which licence number approved by nation of 38fule Gynecological Cleaning Antibacterial   Gel ?

Answer:  Hygienic disinfection license of Shaanxi 

2, what does ingredients of 38fule Gynecological Cleaning Antibacterial    Gel contain ?

Answer: This product belongs to the first class medicinal fungicides of international standard, the main ingredients contains 36 kinds and 40 kinds of auxiliary anti-virus products.

3.What is the main function of 38fule Gynecological Cleaning Antibacterial    Gel?

Answer: sterilization and diminish inflammation. Bacterial clearance, the inflammation caused by bacteria also be eliminated.

4, what time did 38fule Gynecological Cleaning Antibacterial    Gel develop?

Answer: It was R & D in 1996, till 2010,it passed 300 times adjustment and composition ,then to decide on final product.

5,Compared to the same product, which was the advantages of 38fule Gynecological Cleaning Antibacterial   Gel ?


1). rapid hydration. The speed is unique in China, It can quickly dissolve in vagina after one minute.

2).Product performance is stable: In order to achieve the best bactericidal, anti-inflammatory role, and continuous product stability, The product spends two weeks production to integrate various sterilization component,thus to get wide bactericidal effect.

 3).Repair obviously: The products has sufficient dosage, it can repairs and integrates vaginal mucosa, rapidly integrates and infiltrates between vaginal wall and mucosa,, thus to quickly repair vaginal mucosa.

 4).Water injection factor: It contains rich water injection factor, strengthens water injection, and enhances vaginal humidity, and keeps vaginal viscosity.

6,Does 38fule Gynecological Cleaning Antibacterial   Gel cause allergies?

Answer: This product passed FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration)of the United States strictly certification, It nearly has non-toxic, harmless and low stimulation, applied for wide range women.

7, What is wrong with part of female has allergic phenomenon after used 38fule Gynecological Cleaning Antibacterial   Gel?

Answer: This product adds moderate amount of anti allergic ingredients,it is suitable for any group of women. If appears allergic reaction like body heat and cold unbalanced ,it may be psychological problems or its own self - free counterattack etc, the product does not cause allergic phenomenon.

8, Some of users said, the acne has elimination. What is the reason caused?

Answer: women appears acne is mainly caused by gynecological inflammation. this product can eliminate gynecological inflammation and improves acne problem.

9,Doese product have dependency after a long-term use?

Answer: 38fule Gynecological Cleaning Antibacterial   Gel chooses pure Chinese medicine extract, all raw materials is  pure natural plant, It does not add any hormone components, including plant hormones, It has not any dependency Customer. It can be easily use. 

10,Does it any affect on pregnancy when using 38fule Gynecological Cleaning Antibacterial   Gel?

Answer: No. It does not.  

There are variety of reasons caused women's pregnancy, cervicitis is one of factors affected low rate pregnancy. This product not only  has a good effect on cervicitis, but also can improve pregnancy rate of women. besides, this product approved by drug regulatory department under the State Council, it is safety, non-toxic and harmless, it would not have any side effects on human body.

11, what disease can be treated by 38fule Gynecological Cleaning Antibacterial   Gel?

Answer: The gynecological disease caused by germs, bacteria (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus glucose coccus, Candida albicans), and feculent sexual life caused (colpitis mycotica, bacterial vaginitis)