Natural Healthy Chinese Yam And Wolfberry Solid Beverage

Natural Healthy Chinese Yam And Wolfberry Solid Beverage
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Shaanxi 38Fule Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the best chinese health care product supplier.most of ingredients be natural and healthy.we had professional factory and passed GMP certificate.meanwhile,to guarantee product quality.we have 5000 mu planting base for herb raw materials. we can offer safe, competitive and high purify products continuously with reliable quality. Welcome to purchase our products.

● Basic information:

Name: Chinese Yam And Wolfberry Solid Beverage

Yam and wolfberry drink, is a unisex medicine food beverage.the chinese yam, medlar, polygonatum, gorgon fruit, jujube, hawthorn, lilies and other more than 10 kinds of natural herbal medicine developed.

In  production process, using modern advanced food production technology extraction and concentration, spray granulation production. This product has characteristics to absorption quickly by human body, good performance, convenient carrying, long shelf life. It can drink all season, suitable for all men and women, It has a significant effect to enhance human vitality, nourishing the liver and kidney.


● Specification: 20g/bagX10bag/boxX3

● Main ingredients:Yam, medlar, polygonatum,gorgon fruit, jujube, hawthorn,lily

● Application: Cosmetic effect, strengthening spleen and stomach, nourish intestines and laxative is suitable for all people.


● Shipment:

1.Small quantity will send by EMS,UPS,Fedex,DHL.etc.

2.Big cargo will send by air or sea,both available.

3.Delivery time according to quantity.

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1.We own 5000 mu  planting base for materials.

2.We have own factory and lab.

3.We have over 25 years experience.  


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